5 Jan 2016

[0.9.13] Chuck's WoT Modpack v3.2 - Tundra/Lasers/Tracers/Autoaim/Reload Timer/etc

Tundra mod is now an executable. It is way better and has 0 fps loss.
Contains XVM + my personal XVM config.
AutoEquip is included into XVM.

Right Click - Activate Aimbot (prediction)
The rest of the mods are enabled by default and there's no need to disable them.

How to install:
Copy the contents of "[0.9.13] All in one - with XVM" folder in your /World of Tanks/res_mods/ folder

Use Wot Tweaker Plus after you installed all mods!
Game language issues: Delete session statistics (0.9.13/scripts/client/mods/stat.pyc)