2 Apr 2016

Modpak of Flash - assembly of Vspishka mods for World of tanks WOT

* Updated to mikropatcha
Assembling mods from Flash for World of Tanks significantly different from many others. For a visual comparison is the fact that there is no way to select the wide options as for example in the modified assembly of Jovi ormultipacks Protanki . However, despite the fact that the mini-pack contains a minimum quantity mods , it does not cease to be functional and greatly facilitates the gameplay.
The composition of this pack includes exactly the fashion that he uses in the game flash, eliminating all unnecessary.After downloading and installing this version of the pack, everyone will get the same visual representation of the game, as can be seen in commercials shot modpaka author. If someone before downloading wants to become more familiar with the modes included in the pack, you should see the screenshots.