4 Apr 2016

[] Webium’s WoWS modpack INSTALLER

Scalable crosshair [Kvalme] Tic Tac crosshair [Hootorez] Harpoon crosshair forWoWS [Krus1971]
Players Panel:
Extended Ears [Monstrofil] Mini Ears – Ship (tier , ship name, frags, class icon) [Tracks_Destroyer] Mini Ears – Name (nick, tier, frags, class icon) [Tracks_Destroyer] Mini Ears – Level (class icon, tier, frags) [Tracks_Destroyer] Colorblind mode [webium]
Hit Log [W03L0BED] Angle Meter [W03L0BED] Move compass to center
Smoke Boundaries [Tarki_Tau] Better visible Map Borders [mankunianec] Alternate HP Bar [AutoSpy] DMG in battle report
Fog Remover [MajorRenegade] Better visible torpedos
option to change Game Server (Region Changer)
Training Room Enabler [swompthink] Session stats [STL1te] Golden icons for Premium ships
Extended TechTree (display unavailable and hidden ships) [Im_The_Seeker2]
Mods sharing hud_lib.swf:
Sixth Sense, Damage Indicator, Torpedos Indicator
Colorblind mode [webium]
Colorblind mode [webium]
Gun Sounds [vito74m] Ambient Sounds [vito74m] Star Wars (DL) [MajorRenegade]
Note: for fully working “Colorblind mode” you need to check all three options in installer