6 Apr 2016

Assembling mods from Piranhas (ex-Coyotes) - modpak Piranhas community to World of tanks WOT


- Calculator effectiveness in combat
- The bell crit
- Postproduction recharge guns
- Voice acting for the Sixth Sense
- The sound at first lit up the enemy
- Sound with full intelligence tools
- Sound when killing an enemy
- Voice BK explosion
- Zone penetration BC and tanks


- WG Stream Mod

- The fall of performance and error
Pretty young project in line modpakov for World of tanks for a short time found their fans and their target audience. The assembly mods from Piranhas (ex-Coyotes) includes the most popular and demanded modification for the game client World of tanks.

The main sections are presented in the assembly - different variations convenient sights for any type of equipment, a set of sight information, several types of traverse angles, dashboards, improved markers of direction of the enemy attack, detailed damage panel, zoom mode, advanced radial menu olenemer with customizable for themselves, the soundtrack of many gaming events and other fashion.

The assembly is assembled on the basis of intelligent installer that helps you during the installation process in the mods WOT client.