4 Apr 2016

[] Compressed textures WoWS for slow computers or computers without SSD

Textures are compressed to 50, 25 and 12.5% of their original compression and you can install all of them or separatelly for environment or ships. New compressed textures do not change original WoWs textures – they are installed in res_mods folder.
Author has measured WoWs loading times of port after login into game with and without using compressed textures on his home computer and here are his results:
Clean client – 43 seconds
50% quality of textures – 35 seconds
25% quality of textures – 27 seconds
12.5% quality of textures – 11 seconds
The comparison of original and modified WoWs client you may see at next screenshots published by author.
Faster game/battle loading
Faster port loading after login/battle
Faster ship switching in port
Fewer lags caused by loading graphic elements during battle
Consuming less computer resources than original client
Lower graphics quality (depends on quality of used compressed textures)
Conclusion: It is a very good package for players with weaker computers, especially without SSD or with small amount of RAM/graphics memory. To players with powerful computers this package will not bring a real benefit.
Installation: Unpack downloaded archive into appropriate folder in res_mods
Textures for ships are stored in “World_of_Warships\res_mods\0.4.1\content\gameplay”. In all other folders are being stored environment textures.
It is highly recommended to switch-off your internet browser during playing WoWs. Internet browser can drastically decrease performance of your computer.