12 Oct 2016

Cheat from Cyborg modpak Terminator7010 for World of tanks 0.9.16 WOT

* UPDATED: Tundra (Fully transparent vegetation) 
* Added: aimbot Darktim, Sight MS. Sounds of Artillery.
The shelf assembly using prohibited modifications arrived. Another implementation of this type of content for our favorite games Terminator7010 pleased with her cheat modpakom Cyborg for tanks 0.9.16 of World the WOT . The installer of the assembly allows you to select the basic prerequisites that will help you successfully prove themselves at the World Tanks battlefields. 

Modifications List: 
Ping in the hangar and on the login screen 
line players in the hangar, and the on-screen login 
Zoom indicator in the sniper scope. 
Editable zoom up to x25 
Commander's camera. 
The lamp 6 feelings of 
Increased time bulb. 
Art sight for tanks and Snipe sight for arts 
Full set ozvuchek all events in combat 
Reduced mixing sight 
Auto return of the crew. 
Deactivate the parking brake on Fri 
Double rating XVM (D and vn8) 
Counter vytankovannogo damage. 
Stickers and indicators of results and penetrations 
counter the strength of the teams points. 
execution IBZ updated 
The marker direction of the enemy attack. 
The panel damage 
Increased accuracy 
statistics play session per day. 
Expanded statistics on the tanks. 
Skin penetrations 
clock in a hangar. 
Mod of the seizure warning base and the end of the fight 
Maud mini card with intelligent circles and lit up the enemy 
commander's chamber. 
The direction of the trunks on the mini map 
Roaming panel FPS and Ping, vytankovannogo damage, etc. with the mouse in the game 
AimBot 27.3 
The mod blue corpses. 
Maud improved lighting. 
rating calculator in action . 
Mod Battle Assistant (ACS healthy person). (the G) 
ZoomX (Multi-sniper mode). 
hit indicator on the enemy without glare (white + You marker) 
modified sight. 
Mod sweep objects 
Recharging enemy 
indicator of destruction of objects on the minimap. 
Mod Shadow (Shadow ) - circuit (turquoise), xn and the name of the tank at the site of the last glare of the enemy. 
Maude "Tundra"