9 Oct 2016

Assembling cheats and mods from shefer - excellent modpak without XVM for World of tanks 0.9.16 WOT VERSION 1.1

* Added: AimBot-Shaytan ZJ, Thick colored tracers, sights (except Badboy78), audible timer bulbs, HP Command + Damage + debug panel + Clock, LBZ status in battle. 
* Fixed: Direction Indicator ZJ enemies
On our site contains a lot of modpakov collected as of the only permitted modifications and with the use of illicit mods. The representatives of the latter category and it refers assembly cheats and mods from shefer for tanks 0.9.16 of World the WOT . In it you will find the most appropriate fashion for a successful game on the field of battle tank. Modpak shefer is equipped with a convenient installer with the ability to preview selected components. All mods are tested and have a minimal impact on the FPS rate in combat and will be perfect for gamers with a very weak computers. 

Mods list. Legal: PMOD light penetration Commander's camera Free camera replays Disabling rocking camera Removing black in Snipe. mode Display light bulb for 10 seconds. Turn off the brakes for PT-ACS Multiplicity zoom X3.2 Disabling flash red when hitDisabling shake when hit statistics per session Meddio horizontal stabilization Zoom indicator Snipe. mode sights Badboy78 JoveSpectr20 Fashion alternative XVM Marker glare in your ears without XVM Player Rankings in the battle HP Command + Damage + debug panel + Watch detailed log of damage in the style of XVM angles traverse (6 variants) of Battle Assistant is - J colored decals hitseffectiveness Calculator in combat WN8 Blue corpses and white whipped harp Removing fog and increase visibility range notification was lit little firefly Manager replays direction indicator damage for 10 seconds Disabling information about creating dynamic platoons of tanks Icons (5 variants) Remembering the last selected server Cog status LBZ battle Potapov Spoter Audio timer bulb Golden premiumnyh tanks Text indicator broneprobitiya Damage panel GambitER Noobool Prohibited: Automatic fire extinguisher Art. sight for tanks, Snipe. for arts direction indicator enemies ZJ Roentgen ZJ recharge timer enemies ZJ Shadow on site glare repainted Thick colored tracers Red balloons Laser Pointer Removing sweep objects destroyed objects on the minimap with sound Tundra black skyrecharge timer artillery hits on the enemy without glare light hitting the enemy without glare hit the enemy without glare (white circle)avtopritsel avtopritsel SAE Defaulted AimBot-Shaytan ZJ aimbot from lportii (Stealthz) aimbot killer Setting Attention! The installer will automatically remove logs - python, XVM, PMOD.CLEAN cash games. Deleting or saving the modifications set of your choice!