4 Oct 2016

Art. sight for tanks, Snipe. for the arts and free camera in the battle for the World of tanks 0.9.16 WOT

* Checked for patch World of tanks 0.9.16 WOT.
The structure of fashion under WOT 0.9.16 includes three different versions:artillery sight for Fri and tanks, sniper scope for the artillery, free camera in action . The usefulness of these tanks client changes the world is difficult to judge. Many players respond very positively, and some have no idea how to use them to good use in combat. But it's not us, once you are in this category, then you need a mod.

I would like to remind you, this client modification is prohibited. If you have it installed, then try not to publish video and photo material of your fights (replays and screenshots).
Hot buttons for use in combat can be customized cammod.cfg file. By default, the button set T, Y, and U.