28 Jun 2016

The biggest and best anime modpak from Ani WOT for World of tanks WOT

It is no secret that the Japanese cartoons, calculated as a teenage and adult audience, a lot of fans. And so the appearance of the anime modpaka from Ani WOT for tanks of World - a natural process, and not random.
After installing the mod World of Tanks at once completely saturated with the spirit of animation. This comes from the first seconds. download screen turns into a sketch, dominated not armored heroes. Further more. What's wrong with a harsh, brutal hangar ?! He was replaced by a beautiful room with wallpaper and large windows leading to a new world track and grinding rumble breaks under the banner cartoon characters. Their barracks disappeared somewhere masculine and feminine guys Amazon. Their place was taken by fragile eyed blondes and brunettes in a semi-transparent dresses. Even armored icons are replaced by cute girls' muzzles. And what will look like tanks, if they are to apply the "skins" that come as a part of fashion ... At times, among the bright riot of colors and a variety of colors did not even see that under a layer of makeup and makeup hid stern E-75 and EC -3 turned into a white-red samurai. What however, only emphasizes the nature of the last battle. To list all the innovations - too long occupation, easier to install and try all the mod itself.