23 Nov 2015

Premium-Camouflage ModPack 0.9.12 v1 by passi_96 / NA Server alias: Hunter_02


Welcome, fellow tankers! This is my Premium-Camouflage ModPack, ready to use in WoT-Version 0.9.12!

This includes:

- New premium-camouflage schemes for almost every nation (except Japanese and Chinese, for now)

- color changes to the original camos so they look more "natural"

- Finally the Bundeswehr Camouflage-style for Germany

So far I lack Camos for Japanese and Chinese tanks, they will come in near future. I will regularly update this ModPack.


Easy enough if you've done it before, nothing special. For those who've never done it before:

Step 1: Locate your WoT main directory (where you installed World of Tanks).

Step 2: In the archive, go into "Main Mod", drag & drop the "res_mods"-folder to the main directory.

Step 3: You have now installed the Camo ModPack. Congrats, that's how you usually do it with the other mods as well.