28 Nov 2015

AnTiNooB modpack 9.12

                                                                DOWNLOAD LINK

                                          AnTiNooB! Glad to present you a fresh video of the game: World of Tanks. It vashli the best and most appropriate fashion, more often.
The assembly includes:
• Minimalistic sight.
• Updated fashion to zoom zumh.
• Updated XVM configuration
• Added a new XVM configuration on DimanTV
• Added mod minimap on locastan + OTM for weak computers instead XVM
• Updated XVM
• Added a server scope
• Fixed several bugs
• Replace mode on the clock in the hangar
• Server sight
• Customizable spam filter chat
• Customizable menus combat teams
• Removed the darkness in the sniper scope
• Removed rocking tank after shooting with Dynamic Camera
• FullHD card (at boot time) with a detailed description and tactics.
• Detailed statistics after the fight
• Colored posts after a fight.
• Maximum visibility
• Seclusion camera
• "dzynk" is damaged module
• The sound of a fire
• White corpses
• Convenient combat interface (panel damage, showing a tank and some shell struck Islands, etc.)
• show the damage to the enemy
• Display the remaining xn opponents (which, even not light) by pressing alt
• Display of number of enemies who captures database
• Signature of tanks on the minimap
• The radius of the glare of your tank on the map
• Detailed description of the skills and abilities, as well as achievements.
• Improved research tree
• Camouflage
• Sauron is watching you! (light shows guaranteed time out of the light)
• a more prominent indicator of the direction from which received damage.
• Sessional statistics
• Improved minimap
• mproving zoom in snaypersokm sight
• Improved dashboard
• Gold Award tanks in the hangar
• Display server ping in the login and hangar
• Avtoposadka crew
• Removed intro
• The clock in the hangar
• Slightly improved panel shells
• Show enemies lit up (in the ear)
• As well as a small detail and refinement to the stability of the game)
Mod pack of AnTiNooB fit to update 0.9.12 and will satisfy all your needs, because it contains only the best fashion.