20 Jul 2016

ModPack ProShips FULL v2 game client version of World of Warships

Modpak updated and available for download.
Current version ModPack ProShips FULL v 2 for the client version of the game
Last update: 18 .07.2016
Updated fashion:
Sight Rising Star
Info from the ears of BADoBEST
The minimap on W03L0BED
Elegant minikarusel

Added designer combat interface.
After the installation of static sights: In the game settings in the "control" to find and select the desired target.
After installing the audio mods: In the game settings in the "Sound" to select Voice voice in the battle - Sound_Orkmods. (For example orcs).
You can not simultaneously establish Lastomer a hedgehog and a radio.
In order to avoid imposing on each other's ears, turn off the option "Show recaps" in lastomera settings.

1) Before installing, make sure the correct uninstall all previous modpak.!
2) Be sure that the game without mods start and run !!!
2) When you first install modpaka select the option to install "nothing selected".

When installing mods. Read the description to avoid any unnecessary questions.
Attention! When you delete a folder modpaka res_mods cleared completely!
All successful fights!
Sincerely, _zav_.