24 Jul 2016 Helpics Modpack v 1.8.3 (22.07.16.)

1:Armour penetration by Poliroid
2:Multiple Zoom by Poliroid
3:Zoom indicator in the sniper scope by Poliroid
4:Removerof scope shadow & filter by Poliroid
5:Standard multiciply of sight by Poliroid
6:Increase the time of sixth sense by Poliroid
7:Disable intro video and auto choosingthe server
8:Battle result in battle chat by Meddio
9:Advanced statistics From Solo's
10:XVM by Koreanrandom
11:Minimap circles + Artillery sight+ Dispay nickname
12:Detailed hitlog from Solo's
13:Sixth sense orange bulb + quiet sound
14:tanks carousel two rows solo's confing
15:Clock in the garage
16:Server Ping + online server
17:Crew + equipment autoreturn
18:Mod Archievements in battle
19:Gun direction on minimap by Uragan+Stl1te+Phantasm
20:Safeshot+accintally team mate anddestroyed enemy tank by skino88
21:i am spottedannouncer
22:Enemy damage indicator by andre_by Poliroid
23:Damagelog gambiter
24:Voice frags in Battle
25:Voiceof time until the end battle
26:Removing Fog on theall maps
27:Disable unnecessary visual effect
28:disable clouds
29:disabletrees moving effect
30:Helpics loadinng screen + waiting in game

Mods and Cheat you can select:

Sae 18.1 + 19.9 
Shaytan ZJ
Blackwot 3.5+5.2+6.0
Ogre aimbot
Proaim  by Maktc

Reload timer: 
ZJ reload
Blackwot reload
Wotspeack reload

Enemy indicator without setting by Spoter
Enemy indicator with setting by Spoter 

Oreshkina blue
Oreshkina green 

Indigo (Laser&xray)
Auto Fire extinguisher script
Red ball by Blackwot 
Red ball by Prostonoob
Red poll by Spongedoc
Black sky
Wn8 in game
Audio-Gnomefather's historical gun sound
Audio first blood  
Cqc chaos server turret (not selected with ogre ninja)
Fog remover
White dead tanks
Arty assistant Gkey
Pink chameleon 

Destroy object on minimap by Doc77 with sound
Destroy object on minimap by Doc77 without sound
Destroy object on minimap by Stealthz with sound
Destroy object on minimap by Stealthz without sound  

Ukazna laser by Stealthz
Modification laser pointer by Stealthz 

Tundra by ZJ
Tundra by Wotspeak

Xray by Blackwot
Xray by Sae & PF
Xray by ZJ

Autoreapair Cog
Quick repair ( spacebar)

Something was hit:
By Lpotll
By Makct

by PolarFox
by Blackwot

Important : It recommends a clean installation
backup and delete the content in res_mods, 
Recommend  to run WoT Cache Cleaner before install and run the  Setup
This Modpack is tested for EU region, all mods 100% work