6 Mar 2016

ITEM - IF_THEN_ELSE Modpack - shadow, X-ray, a chameleon, lasers, tundra, etc. for World of tanks 0.9.14 WOT (8 mods).

- Checked for WoT 0.9.14
ITEM - IF_THEN_ELSE Modpack for tanks 0.9.14 of World the WOT - is a complex modification, which includes some of the necessary modifications to cheat.

The Shadow - adds a modification of the "shadow" on the position of the last glare of the enemy. In the configuration file, you can select the version of the shade. You can choose from three options for display. Mod is controlled by the button left the ALT .

HitAnnouncer - mode displays the inscription, if you hit the enemy without glare. Also hit is accompanied by a sound notification.

Tundra is - mod removes all the vegetation on the playing field in sniper mode that makes shooting in a plant area much more comfortable. Mod is controlled by a button G.

Edgemod - x-ray. Maud displays the contours of the tanks, which are located behind obstacles. To activate / deactivate the use T. key

Chameleon . Modification Chameleon replaces the standard model tanks in bright and noticeable, making it easier vytselivanie enemy tanks. Turn on / off mode - button U.

The Pointer the Laser - Laser modes draws coming out of the barrel of the enemy tank, which allows to assess the potential threat to your tank. You will be able to understand which of the enemy vehicles leads to your tank. Activate mode is possible by means of a button Q.

More Fire No - thanks to the conventional fashion fire extinguisher will start to work as an automatic fire extinguisher. The default Randomnaya lag. Change the response time can be in the configuration file.
Before use it is recommended to set up events for themselves. To do this, open the file
res_mods \ 0 . 9 . x \ scripts directory \ the client \ mods \ item.xml
and set the desired values. True - enable. False - deactivated. Be sure to use the editor of Notepad ++ .

Any of the modules can be disabled in the configuration file, or simply delete the corresponding "pyc" file. "Item_main.pyc" The file can not be removed, it is necessary for the operation of any of the modules.

Mod refers to prohibited. You use it at your own risk.