6 Mar 2016

Citerna fashion on the black sky for WOT 0.9.14 World of tanks Author: Stealthz

Mod tested for the client World of tanks 0.9.14
Maud to shut off the sun and the black sky optimized almost at all the cards of tanks 0.9.14 World . The history of the origin of the modification rather banal. Maud was part Varpaka but craftsmen were able to realize the idea of a separate modification. As a result of fashion somewhat affected the appearance of the gameplay. But the pros far more - the absence of the sunlight, which often interfere with normal aim; a significant increase in FPS; an increase in the visibility range by removing the fog, smoke, and other nonsense. In general, cool fashion for steep nagibatorov.

Mod refers to prohibited. You use it at your own risk.