5 Mar 2016

Cheat-Mode GTA 5 (External Hack for Steam & SC Online 1.32 version)

Install Steam or SC version of the reader
NUM1: Full health.
NUM 2: Full Armor.
NUM_3: Enable powerful bullets
NUM_4: Makes your bullets of "rubber" so the players will not take damage from your bullets (this is such a my sh * t features for testing).
NUM_5: Zoom power bullet for pedestrians and vehicles
NUM_6: Max cartridges for weapons, does not work for the minigun and RPG
NUM_7: include "God Mode."
NUM_9: suicide
F8: teleportation to the user point.
F10: Enable / Disable flight mode.
NUM_SUBSTRACT (Num -): Increase height.
NUM_ADD (Num +): to reduce the height.