15 Dec 2015

Advanced zoom modes for World of Tanks 0.9.13

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Zoom modes appeared a couple of years ago and during that time had become almost the most necessary mod in the game. You must agree that it is convenient to postpone the camera in arcade mode on the bird's-eye view and see what the enemy is doing. Or take and bring to your sniper scope as close as possible to the enemy, say, with a multiplicity of x25, x30 or x60. 

Previously, this was done with the help of three different mods from koshnaranek (Zoom, ZoomX, ZoomIndikator) or a fashion P-mod, which in addition to all this involves many more buns. It is certainly convenient, but not everyone wants to bet that he does not need. Therefore mododelov Kriegstreiber and decided to make the extended zoom mode for World of Tanks 0.9.13. It combines the only fashion that are needed for successful vytselivaniya and hit the enemy.

It has the following features:

zoom modes - Remote cameras in arcade mode (included)
sniper zoom - approximation in the sniper scope to maximum magnification x60, x40 is the default (enabled)
LED multiplicity zoom in sniper scope (off)
Scroll No - off wheel change sight (off)
improved sight for ACS of Fashion Battle Assistant  - activation in the art sight using keys G (included)
off Eclipse in sniper scope (included)
setting the zoom after the destruction of your tank (included)
improved targeting system, known as the fixing of the sight over the hill, activation LALT - Left ALT  (included)